Past Life Regressions

Lecture at Brunel University, England, 1992  by  John Richardson also known as Jayadeva.

The hypnotist

I'm not a television hypnotist who makes everybody stick to their seats or burn their pants or make them sing like Elton John. I use hypnotherapy, hypnosis, to help people to get a deeper understanding of themselves and to hopefully experience past lives. The premise of it briefly being that this form that you are presently existing within is a temporary affair but it is the soul or the self is something that is not a temporary thing.

I used to be a musician in the 70s, I was in a group called the rubettes don't hold it against me. I left to become a healer, because I needed a bit of healing myself after that, and qualified as a masseur and as a herbalist. Many of the people I was healing had problems were manifesting at a deeper level from the mind and so I did some study in hypnotherapy, mind and makeup of the self. I started to read books from the east. Bhagvadgita principally which some of you have probably heard of. This book is 5000 years old and it explains the nature of the mind, self, reincarnation, karma and things like that. I started thinking, if this body is the effect of these subtle causes of the mind and past lives etc., then really I should be looking at that to heal people and to help them understand why they are suffering. The book says however everyone has lived their particular past existence, that is the situation that they will come to enjoy or suffer in the next life.

Karma and the Red Indians

My first patient in about 1980-8, serious patient in terms of the disease. This person had multiple-sclerosis, which as you know is a pretty heavy sought of degenerative disease of the nervous system. She hadn't got to the point where she was in a wheelchair, but the right arm and leg had gone and there were many other problems that were facing this person. She was having internal problems with the bowel and stuff like that, so it went on. I was just giving her reflexology which you've probable heard of. It works through the feet and the feet have so many nerve endings which send subtle impulses to certain organs and stimulate or relax certain parts of the body.

So I was doing that and getting nowhere with her and I was thinking that its just a waste of time. And then.. kind of I don't know.. any of you in your work ever work with intuition? you know perhaps you know it or don't.. but sometime you get a feeling that "I should do that" or "I should do this".. sometimes an answer comes into your head and you didn't really know how you arrived at it, but it gives you the hypothesis to get to the understanding of what its all about. So I just had a feeling that this woman had a shock in her subtle body.

 Right this is the gross body this is made up of four, this is a pretty gross body  [laughter], made up of four elements of air fire earth and water. But there are also  subtle bodies made up of mind intelligence and ego. The soul is in charge and around  that are the subtle bodies which create the gross body. During our lifetime if we get  worried, anxieties, depression.. this state of mind affects the body. For instance, A  depressed person will stand kind of slouched and a happy person will kind of go up.  So you can see simply how the mind affects the body.

 And also on a much subtler level the conditioning we've received from our parents,  who they think we are can create so many problems or alleviates problems according  to how enlightened our parents were. Regardless of whether you've had a good  upbringing there is still the problems from the past lives. You might be born with a  silver spoon in your mouth, have no problems, are open, happy, successful etc. Then  a bus hits you and its goodnight nurse. There's nothing that good upbringing, except  for looking both ways when crossing the street, can do about that. And that's to do  with past lives.

So I thought to myself, this person with MS, must have this Karmic thing thats described in the Gita, that's what it is all about. But I wanted to understand what the mechanics of that were. So I said to this Lady that I'd seen some hypnosis demonstration and read a lot of books but had never done it. I was a real chancer and said to her "look I can do this for you, and might be able to find out this and maybe and maybe just understand what's going on". She said "sure do what you like". She was pretty desperate.

So I put her into trance.

 A trance is just a very deep relaxed state where you can get to deeper levels of  yourself. People start to get afraid when they hear the word trance, but really just  means altered state. A bit like when driving a car sometimes you're thinking of  something totally different and all of a sudden you realise that you've covered 50  miles and you don't remember watching the road. The subconscious mind just takes  over and does the driving while the conscious mind goes elsewhere thinking about  this or that. So that's an altered state and watching the televisions is an altered state,  there are so many different altered states. Because we're going to do a  demonstration later on I just thought I'd alleviate you of any fears about these funny  names, hypnosis and trance, they're not really at all how some people who have no  experience of them expect them to be. We'll experience that later.

So getting back to the lady. I took her back, and she went back spontaneously as I took her back through this life through her birth. She went spontaneously back, skipped a couple of births and went back to a Red Indian birth. Where she was a Red Indian woman. I was amazed you know.. my God I can do this!. and her tribe was out collecting food and a neighbouring tribe came, raped her and shot her in the stomach with 4 or 5 arrows.

 What happens at time of death is that the soul leaves carrying with it the subtle  bodies and with it all the traumas, the good the bad, the indifferent and all the  attachments. The bewildered living entity carries her or his idea of life from one body  to another just as in the air carries aromas."

So she came out and she saw, well she was in a state.. she's just been killed. But she's more confused as she's looking down and seeing her gross body covered in blood etc. but she's floating above it....

 Anyone seen Ghost? [murmur from audience] yeah its quite a good film isn't it?  [laughter] Anyway that's really real. Ghost, they really must have done their  homework. Even the yamadooters, those characters who came and dragged the  impious soul away, they're actually mentioned in the Vedic scriptures which is where I  take all my information from. Actually the impious soul gets dragged out and caught  around the neck and arms with subtle ropes of mind and they just drag him to get a  good kicking somewhere. Not forever of course like the Christian idea that you're  either up there or you're down there. The fact is that every soul has the chance to  gain liberation to get back onto the spiritual realm.

Anyway getting back to this. So I told her "look, this terrible thing has happened but you understand you're not dead". She said [in a whispered voice] "yes but I cant understand it". I explained the basic thing about subtle and gross bodies and said "look they haven't killed your soul. The soul goes on. I want you to take a deep breath and just let go of all this fear tension and pain" that she'd been carrying.

 Birth marks, by the way, and big marks on the body are marks from past life activities  when one has dies in a certain kind of way.

So I got her to take a deep breath and get rid of it and I said "and now I'm telling you that you definitely cant take", that shock with you onto your next destination wherever that might be." I was playing god as we all like to do that occasionally. And she was cured of MS, her feelings came back and everything. Now whether you might say was it really MS or had she had a remission etc. that was 10 years ago and she's still ok now. It may not have been MS, but to give you an idea. If you can remove the fear that's subconsciously embedded in a person the way itself it manifests itself in lives to come can be greatly reduced.

Drowning Phobia

There are many people with phobias like the fear of water. Very often you'll find that the person died of drowning in a past life. The proof of how it works is to take them back to the last life and then take them very quickly through that say 2 minutes of terror. In Hypnosis you can do in literally 3 seconds. "One two three OK". Because you can tell the mind to facilitate a speeding up here. "ill just take you through it very quickly one two three" [finger snap] and its gone. Once they've gone through it again its like a catharsis or an abreaction takes place. And they've no problem with water after that, except they've got to learn how to swim.


The man who would control God

Just another quick story. I did this at Cambridge for three years running. I lectured on re-incarnation karma etc. and showed how its got a knock on effect throughout our lives. On the first night one of the guys stood up and said "its a load of old." something. So I said "what do you do" and he said "I'm a scientist". I asked him what a scientist does and he said "experiments" So I said come on out the front.

I put him into a trance, he didn't believe in any of this and took him back to when he was a vicar in Askridge in Yorkshire. And I said to him "vicar", he was a very puffed up character.. even worse than me. And he said [deep voice] "I'm the vicar of" such and such. [normal voice] I said "very nice.. Now vicar I know this is a little outside of your scope but have you ever heard of the theory of transmigration of the soul?". [vicar] "I have" [[normal] and everyone like.. about two hundred people, all thinking "what's he going o say?". I said "what do you think about it?" [Vicar loudly] "UTTER RUBBISH!!!". [laughter]. So I said "very nice, very nice".

So I took him though his death and this shows you how that propensity from our past lives passes on in some subtle way. Its exactly like in the Gita [Sanskrit] "The living entity carries its conception of one life to another just like the air carries aromas".

So in his next life he's very attached to being the Boss of the village. Everyone came to him and he was very attached to helping people, but God was definitely in second place for him. He was the do-er, the controller. Obviously by the end of his life he was a bit sickened by so many troubles and so many.. you know is anyone here believes in God, call him what you like or what you don't, but sometimes we get the feeling that its him and me and its like we're doing Him a favour doing what we do.

And this guy was just like that. He was very attached to his control and at the end of his life because he'd been such a controller and didn't give it over to the upstairs management he was weighed down by everyone's problems. so he .. just wanted out. So in his next life he was a Shepherd. Now I don't know if you can see the subtle thing. He's still got his control.. there they are look!, but none of them could talk back to him. [laughter].
That's how it works.

So I took him through that death and another and another till I brought him back and he was very shocked. very shocked that yknow.. that .. its something... that errrm.


The debunker-ess

Another time I did a very light trance for everyone and this girl came along. She was laughing and sort of taking the mick all night and kind-of went along with it for a laff. All of a sudden she comes up to me and says "My whole body is burning!" I knew somethng was wrong and told her to sit down and be quiet. I got her into a little deeper trance and it turns out that she was linking in to being burnt at the stake. She saw it all very clearly after I did this thing and together we got rid of it. She was alright after that, but said "I came tonight to see you fall on your face because I don't believe in all this". I told her she could have seen me 35 times a year, but tonight she lost.


I was a sheep

Here another interesting fact. Ill put it in your mind just to let you chew it over. I'm a Hare Krishna. I am because of all the things that have happened to me over all these years and I started studying the Gita books and proved these things much to my chagrin in my clinic. We are strict vegetarians and believe that the soul transmigrates through many different forms of life. The animals are people too. I used to think yeah sure, there souls and we're souls and never the twain shall meet. But the Gita says that if one misuses this human form of life they can go down to a lower species. and I thought NEVER NEVER!!

I was too proud to accept that, too puffed up. Anyway during the last 10 years of taking people back to past lives, especially when I hadn't read what was in the Gita, people were saying "I'm a dog" or "A cat". I'd say "NAAH its impossible, it must just be".. It didn't fit into my view. I didn't realise then. So tonight you may see yourselves in some lower form of life, don't be afraid.. its all right [laughter].

We can just talk all night if you like. We don't have to do any demonstrations. I've got millions of stories [laughter] and if you don't want to experience I'm certainly not into forcing anyone. I'm not attached at all and am just happy to speak to you all. So here's just an interesting really wonderful story right:

These two people came to my shop. They were Christians, but I'm not deriding Christians, they're great [laughter]. They weren't fundamental Christians but just kind-of practising Christians. So they said "Look you've done very nicely for us, but could you come and see our son? He wont come to the shop He's very agitated". I said "what's his problem" and they said "He wont eat meat.". I said "BRILLIANT, that's great, what's the problem?" [laughter]. They said "NO! He eats white bread milky-way and sugar-puffs since he was on solids". I said "that's weird". They said "he's been through psychiatrist, psychoanalysts, hypnotists, the lot. no-ones been able to help him, do you think you could help him?". I said probably not, but Id like to meet him. We got to the house and before the boy came in his dad said to me "I don't know if this is relevant but when he was 2, he told me that God told him not to eat meat".. I said "God.. wow!" and he said "Do you believe THAT?". I said "well there's definitely a good story in it."

So when the boy came in I said to him "Did you say God told you not to eat meat?". He said [stroppy teenager voice] "no" [normal] he was really a stroppy little kid [laughter] because he had so many people come and off-course I had asked a really stupid question. I mean who remembers what happened when they were two? So I said "sorry" and his dad looked at him and said "Andrew you did son, you did" So I tried to charm him a little bit.

I eventually put him into a trance and took him back to when he was 2 and I said "go to that time when you heard that voice". then he started to speak like a little child [innocent kids voice] "I'm laying in my pram" I said "very nice" and he said "and I've fallen asleep!". I said "good but as you fall asleep keep in touch". He said "All right". Then he went "I can hear a voice". His mum and dad were sitting on the edge of their seats, worried he was acting [laughter].

So I said "don't worry there, its alright, don't worry. And then his voice changes and he says "Ill speak like the man" so I said "go on then" so he said [distinguished voice] "Andrew, look I'm telling you. As far as I'm concerned I don't find meat acceptable. I don't want you to offer it to me. However I'm going to leave it up to you. Its your responsibility". I said "who's that?" [child] "its God!!" [laughter] I said "can you see him?". HE said "its GOD, I know it is" . I said "very nice, thank you very much" I didn't tell him anything about reincarnation but I intuitively knew the whole story, the whole understanding why this was taking place. mainly through my experiences and a little bit of insight.

I didn't say to him "go back, you've been in past life, something happened there." I just said "you're two years of age. As I count to three go back three years." that's all I said which ostensibly put him into a past life.

So "one two three, look at you body". He had a look and said "I haven't got any arms" I said "what have you got". He said "four legs". I said "what are you?" HE said "I'm a shEEP!!!" [laughter]. I said very nice. So I asked "now go into your mind and ask.. Why have I got a sheep's body?". He went ..... and then his face went white.. a big tear rolled out of his eye. "In my past life I was a man and wasn't kind to animals, now they're going to be unkind to me." [silence] that was the whole premise.

I took him back and brought him back quickly so he didn't have to go through something horrible in a slaughterhouse. I said "look, the basis of this is that you can eat so many wonderful things, but you don't have to touch flesh, that all right". He had understood it as "don't touch anything as it might be meat. He didn't see that there were other possibilities. And when he woke up his parents were completely like they wanted to throw me out of their house. But he sat there and said "I understand it!!.... you do that.. and then this and then.. .oooh!" He was really understanding the whole basis of how this life is so..


Precious existance

The premise that I'm putting forward tonight is that you're in very wonderful and hugely responsible position in this human form of life. Its not that easily achieved. There are schools of thought that say "reincarnation.. yeah we know all about that, breeze through life doing you're thing. And then you get another one.. yeah alright have another go.". Its actually very serious. The human form of life is a very serious affair. From this Human form, demigods are lining up.. there are planets above and below us, that I've also proved... [baby cries again].. confirmed [laughter]. But this human form of life on this planet Earth is the most powerful of them all. With this you can make the quantum leap from here right into the spiritual world.. should you desire it and its all tied to the cycle of birth and rebirth.. that us mad Hare Krishna's want to get out of.

So wars.. The wars that are taking place. This is all down to people having done sinful things in past lives and they are brought together and smashed up. They haven't got a chance, all these people with Karmas piled up and these two sides are being forced by nature to fight and lose their lives. They wont cease to exist, the body will be shed. The amount of wars and people getting killed is directly proportional to the number of friends and brothers we send to the slaughter houses daily. The lords of karma just do to people what we've been doing to the animals.

I'm sorry if I've upset anyone, but you'll just have to put up with what I say. If you disagree that's alright. I know I'm just a bit of a big-mouth, but I'm so sure about what I'm doing. Any questions?


Sheepish question

I read somewhere that if you commit no sins you become God like. what potential we have to commit sins as sheep? [laughter]
 You cant. Once you go down the evolutionary ladder you have to stay until such time  as the lords of Karma allow you to come up. So Once you are in an animals body you  slowly transmigrate through the species. Its not just sins that make you go to a lower  life form. Attachment can drag you down for a birth.

 One time a lady, a country loving bumpkin that spoke with a lovely oooh-arr accent  when I put her into trance. She became a parlour maid and left the town to go into the  city. But she hated it there but as she had been press-ganged into it in constant  service she got stuck there for the left of her life. She died in the attic some 60 years  later totally disheartened with life and what she'd done. When she died I asked her  "what are you thinking?". She said "I'm thinking about those lovely horses", back  when she was a kid. I took her to her next birth and there she was, a black horse.  Gita says that "whatever state of being you remember at death, that 's your next  destination." Its a strange thing, she hadn't been sinful just attached.

 I've also this one chap who was totally cheesed off with everything. lost his job his  wife and everyone had left him. Social intercourse was a no-no and he just wanted  out. I took him to his death and he's floating above these fields thinking "isn't this  fantastic.. oh look at that lovely tree, all on its own, nothing bothering it" and phwush  down he goes and comes up as a sapling next to that tree.

Vege - sin
 The spirit is in every form of life. then you could say.. ok then hang on how can you be  a veggie? that's a disturbance even if yore not killing it. This is also sinful, but you  have to subsist in something. Rather in this non violent way.

You mentioned about how people are brought together into wars. what about conscription?
 They are the ones who stood by and knew it was wrong when these animals were  being carted off to the slaughter house. There are no mistakes anywhere. There is no  innocence. Its very hard as I'm very sentimental. I see these kids suffering on the telly  and get all emotional, even though as a devotee I should know better that there is a  reason.

 This so called innocence shows up in sex abuse cases I've dealt with. And generally  the one that really clinches it is that when you take them to a past life, I hope this  doesn't hurt anyone when I say this. And show them perpetrating it on someone.

 For example this lady she was about 25 stone, and her fatness wasn't just gorging.  When we get angry we use different methods to protect ourselves. Some people  become fighters, learn to stay away etc. but some just put on weight. This girl was  very fat , protecting herself from her uncle who for the last 8 years had systematically  raped her from 4 to 12. We had to deal with that and she lost weight and gained  confidence. but right at the end of the 6 sessions she says "I'm doing fine, I'm a lot  better, but one things really going through my mind. Why did it happen to me. I have  to understand that"

 I said "do you really want to know?". She said "at any cost I want to know". I took her  back to her past life and she was a church man.. I don't mean to make the church  sound bad.. She said "I'm in robes and assaulting one of the children.. and you know  that child is my uncle in lives to come" [silence]. This tit for tat is going on. We've been  tit-for-tatting for billions of years

Is there an idea that you are associated with certain souls?
 Definitely, you know you meet people ,and straight away you like them or you don't,  and they've not even said anything you know. They are people that you have known  before. And there is also a process that I can show a person how to ask . "do I know  that person?". Yes they did "and life did you know them in and what kind of inter- reaction did you have?" I also do that but it takes a little longer.

Do souls ever split?
 A soul is indivisible, it cant be split burnt. Its an indivisible unit. Some people say "that  is your soul mate" Actually according to the Vedas - I have to say that as there's  some people I'd like as my soul mate - there is no such thing as a soul mate, just  bewilderment's based on your attachments and how you're vibrating at that time and  she's vibrating -[acting] Ah there my love [laughter, normal].

 But really its based on very subtle but very powerful emotions sort of a level that  you're both working at. But the soul mate has got, according o the Vedas - anyway  just bear with me - but the soul mate is Him. Hes the one that can really make your  hair stand on ends, it doesn't ever stop. But two people who are very very attaches,  like husband and wife who lived for each other and die for each other.

 I remember hen I was doing some backup hospital work with hypnosis in hospital.  And there was this Husband and he was fit as a fiddle at 60 and his wife, the same  age, dies. They were so close to each other and It was really heartbreaking just to  see them. I used to say to him "don't worry its going to be all right." and 3 days later  he was dead too because he just couldn't bear it. So soon as she went out, she'll be  waiting for him and they'll hang about. If they get awarded a human life it would be  very likely that they'd get in together, assuming that they had enough pious credits,  and be twins. That's basically how I understand it.

If we all believe in reincarnation, what's stopping us from going and committing suicide?
 Whew, don't tell me you wont do it after this. This human form of life is The gift. It  might not seem like it especially when you have to study at University, driving you  mad. Ill try and help you tonight with a little bit of hypnosis for your studies.

 But its still a wonderful gift even though it feels tough. You've got the body you  deserve. Not because God decided to chuck him in a lack body and her in a white  one. These bodies are deserved by us. So the good the bad the indifferent that  happens to you is your stuff. In this life you got to put your own nose in your stuff and  get on with it, understand it and transcend it. That's the basis for it.

 If we decide to - according to the Vedas again, the living entity comes into the  material world deciding that he wants to be the centre of the universe and not God.  God says "ok, because I love you unconditionally", like the prodigal son  "Unconditionally means you can go!". So he goes into the material worlds which have  death old-age and disease written into them, whereas the spiritual world doesn't.

 So they go and get involved with all these things and they fall down from being  demigods, getting more and more attached falling further down until all of a sudden  they're in Brunel University thinking "aaaaaargh, cant [whines and whimpers,  laughter]" You know its a bit like that. All of a sudden [shouting] "There's no God! Who  done this to me, I didn't ask to be born" [normal] and it goes like that right.

 Because he wants to exercise his role as controller he slits his throat, bugger you all.  But then what happens? he becomes a ghost. Say he was 20 years of age and  you've got your karma or potential to live 70 or 80 years, then you have to wander for  the remaining years. That's how it works. Now there are currently about 50 million  people in this country. There are 500 million ghosts.

 Because people don't understand that they are not the body, that they're eternal, they  think they can just go to sleep and finish it. But no! the subtle body comes out, looks  and thinks "Ohh no!!! Im still here, Ah well lets go and have a drink. Hey I cant get  hold of it.". You seen ghost? Didn't you see that guy who wanted to get those fags  right? He couldn't get them. HE still had the desire as the desire body was very  strong. He couldn't get those fags. SO ghosts cant drink, cant have sex, they cant do  all these things that they used to be able to do. So what do they do? they hang about  people who love doing those things.

 Now the ones who love doing those things weaken their auras. A lot of sex, drugs  and rock-and-roll it weakens the astral body. Now the Astral body starts to break  down specially round the head during drug taking. And the people who dies of drugs,  they still got that penchant for "lets have a little fix" or something. So they see her and  phuuuush [miming a spirit entering someone's head] and they think "please come-on,  you cant live without it. Don't listen to listen the church or that Jayadev bloke who  says its bad for you. Go for it, go for it, come on you cant live without it.". So the girl  has her fag and the ghosts get their shot and think "fantastic". And that's what's  happening to all of us all the time.

 These stories of haunting etc. They are Happening. The more that you misuse the  human form of life, the more the astral gets broken down.

 My daughter sees auras. We have these Hare-Krishna ding-dongs at home for the  last for years, dancing and chanting. And this guy comes along, very nice chap, and  sits down. My daughter pulls me outside and said "that man, he's really really done  himself in. Hes doing a lot of smoking and his aura is really fractured over his head.  There's about 7 or 8 ghosts on him, all feeding on him". So I just went up to him to  talk with him and said "Do you have a bit of a blow?" and he says "no no," . So  anyway we're talking a bit later and as he was going he asked "Why did you ask that  question at the start?". I said "to be honest, my daughter can see auras. and she  says you've got 7 or 8 visitors on board all wanting [laughter] a go [more laughter]"  and he went like that and he said "Where do I smoke then?" My daughter cam up  and said "in the shed out in the garden.". He went "Bloody hell!!!! what's this all about  these hare Krishna's!!!!"

So what I'm trying to say, and I know I'm making a mockery of it, is that it really is a heavy thing.


Ghostly smoky indulgence

5 weeks ago a lady came up to me wanting to stop smoking. This is really the ramifications of what's going on in this wonderful material world. She come to stop smoking. Generally I can stop a person smoking - well I cant but between us - we stop a person in two goes. Five goes and I'm still really whacking it out with her and she's coming back saying "I'm not really satisfied with this". I though what is going on? She's a deep trance subject and goes right out.

So anyway I get in touch with a part - I'll do perhaps with some of you tonight- get in touch with a part that knows more about you than you do. I said "can you tell me, is there something that I'm missing?". This part says "yes yes yes." SO I asked" Is there another living entity around here that's causing her to want to smoke still. It went "YEs YES YESS". So I had a think and asked her "is you're mum dead?". She said "yeah" . I asked "what was she like?" she said "She's an old cow". I said "did she smoke". She said "CHAIN smoker!". I said hang on a minute! and asked the part "is it MUM". The part went "yesssss!".

 Even when you're dead you still want to hang about with your young ones. you want  to live in the same house oh my daughter, my son" yknow. "this is my house... get out  of it you cant come in here with that rock-and-roll music". But its not their house  anymore. So very often the soul will gravitate towards someone they love or care for.

So the mother was around her or on her and every-time the mother wanted a fag she would make the daughter have an overwhelming desire to have a cigarette. I said "look mum, do you believe in God" [gruff] "not really". There she is in her spirit form and seeing all this amazing stuff hanging about. So ignorant here ignorant there. It don't just change because you die. You still carry the same stuff around with you. SO I said "look mum, do me a favour I van do something really wonderful for you and you're never going to get satisfaction, you're just like a leech" I really started to get to her [minicks mom getting really angry] "Is this right for someone as wonderful as you to be acting like a leech on your daughter." I kinda shook her up a bit and she got a bit uppity. I said "look you've got your own place in the universe, somewhere can go that's better than this. there must be a place for you. This is not your place, you got to go on."

After a while I convinced her and said "look you've hear the saying that you mustn't take Gods name in vain. Now I'm a Hare Krishna, and this is what Hare means and this is what Rama means and this is what Krishna means. If I chant it -and I don't want you to take the mick- If I do it angels will come and help you to go to the next situation. It'll be very nice mum as you wont have to kick around here for gawd knows how long. not knowing who you are or where you're going to next." So she thought about it and I chanted and got her to chant through her daughter. then they came and took her and her daughter was amazed and said "I saw it all happening".

This wasn't the first time I tried this, and I'm not a classical devotee I'm afraid. I use all this nonsense experimentally, which isn't always very nice. But I had firm faith and it did work. and that's a week ago and this week she hasn't touched one fag. She saying "I feel so great, I feel a weight has been taken off me."


    So there are so many ramifications to this work and to your lives. So many hidden forces that are beneficial and non beneficial that are going on around you. According to how you act, according to what you're consciousness is, you'll attract those kind of living entities to you. If you could only understand it now, there is a whole huge program of loving intent going on, unseen to us. To help us to come to that high platform. Now I used to be a meat eater for 20 odd years. But once I understood it is said "I'm not going to be part of this suffering anymore" and that's it I just packed it in. You're not expected to know before you know. There's probably not a person in here that would kill an animal, but little kids are brought up almost thinking that Mac Donalds grow on trees. They don't know and its all out sight, its just there and doesn't look like meat. For some people who really like their meat its their choice. But most of us never wanted meat. two or three years of age mummy said "come on, its good for you, get it down you. You must you must" all of a sudden it becomes a part of your life you cant do without. It does become a must to them. Most of are actually innocent.


Meaty Question

Lets say you've been eating meat for a while and decide somehow to be against the idea. Then every-time you want to eat meat you get sick?
 You do that do you? [yes, why does it happen?] Because you're a wonderful spiritual  person and you don't know it yet. You're fighting against it because that's the way it is  really, you're conditioning. "Cor I must try and do it" because there are so many  thousands of hours of tapes in your childhood saying "This is good for you".

 There was a boy once I took ... oh its a long story, but anyway. Once I changed the  problem which started when he was four years of age, I then had to go though all the  years of hospitalisation to change it something different. Because there was so much  embedded illness in his subconscious that even if you changed the root cause you  still had all these tendrils reaching up to the present day.


Reflexology and the left testicle

I was in Hungary two weeks ago and this girl was a fantastic painter, but poor thing she had to paint like that because she was really really blind, with really thick glasses. I talked to her and asked her what her childhood like. She said "Once I started to understand what life was like, and all the double-standards in it, I couldn't bear to see anymore." She use these words. "I couldn't bear to look at things anymore". And so she started to retreat and every-time she went to the optician another lot went on, she ended up right behind this protective shield.

Now when I do reflexology its a funny thing but in the feet you can feel, I can do it really quickly, you can feel where a persons organic situation is at. Like for instance if its a liver problem, a kidney problem. As soon as you feel a sharp point on the feet you immediately know where the problem is.

When I first got into therapy I used to do clubs for the .... round tables. you know here all the men. And they were the hardest to do because they were all cynical, very very materialistic. And I'd walk in there and the announcer would say "Err, this blokes going to err ...scuse me.. This blokes going to tell us ...... from the feet!" Everyone was laughing.

I'd say "Has anyone got anything wrong with them, that you cant see. So I cant pretend I found it for you.?". So this good looking guy with a suit came up and fiddled around with his feet and literally had to do it very quick otherwise they'd all lose interest. get more drunk start swearing etc.

I quickly found two problems with him. One was his right testicle.. scuse me... sensitivities apart I didn't know how to say it to the crowd. And the other one was the left frontal lobe of his brain. So I said "is it alight for me to tell them as I've found some pretty interesting things here. I wont even ask you what I found, Ill announce it to them and then you can say whether its true or false.". Now what I used to do after that would be to get my cards out in the table and get a bit of work.

So I said "OKs you've got something wrong with your left testicle". and they went "Waaaa! [mimicking laughter]" And they're all falling on the floor. And ten minutes went by and I stood there and they went quiet. I said "You finished now?" and they looked at him and he goes "its true, I've got an atrophied left testicle". And I said "The other thing I found" they were stunned right, atrophied means that it never grew. "I don't know what it is but there's something wrong with the left temporal lobe." and he goes "Yeas I've got left temporal lobe epilepsy"

So getting back to this girl. I did the feet and did the eye reflexes, no pain, nothing there at all. There was nothing wrong with her eyes it was all mental mental mental. The whole thing was piled on like everything. Just such a sensitive wonderful person afraid of the world. Couldn't handle the hypocrisy of the way people were, because she was an observer. People would say one thing an do another and it was just too much for her.


More Questions

Can you do hypnosis on animals?
 I cant personally. I hypnotised a rabbit when I was a kid but its a bit wicked really. You  just lay it on its back and look into it eyes. It just freezes like that. and you think you're  god [laughter].

In animal births, Why do carnivores eat meat?
 I've often asked that question. Some say that they don't even like it but they have to  because that's the way they're programmed by the material energy. Some say they  love it. Some didn't really like the kill but they had to do it as it was either them or the,  that was the form they got thrown into at that time you just have to put up with it,  you're programmed that way.

 Like Mozart, it wasn't him that was doing all that stuff. It was the upstairs  management. It was already written and he was programmed to receive it. And how  did he get it? Past life, we did one birth before that because I had to find out why. And  he was a demigod worshipper. When you worship the demigods, and that's why  some of the Hindus are very rich because they really know how to make money.. they  work hard as well.. Hindus and the Asians. They know a lot about demigod worship  and it gives you a lot of pious credits. But it only gives you material benefits, not  spiritual. Nothing against the Hindus [laughter] I wouldn't mind a few bob either  [laughter]. But so demigod worship gives you opulence in this life and the next.

Can you hypnotise somebody so as to break the barrier of subconsciousness, or to give easy access to the psychic?
 I can do that but that is for a one to one. I wouldn't recommend it

 I told someone that they would be able to see subtle energy. Now he was a nice  roman catholic boy at Cambridge university. This guy was such a fantastic subject.  To give you an idea. He had really bad glasses and we put him into a deep trance  and took him back to a time when he didn't need glasses and got him to read. So I  said to him "I'll teach you to see subtle energy." He went "Ahh I don't believe in all  that". I said "Well look you just had this with the glasses and all that" and he says "all  right". So I put him into a really really deep trance and got in touch with the part that  can see subtle energy. When he opened his eyes he went  "AAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH!" He was screaming "I cant believe it... LIGHTS  Angels... WAAAAAH!". So he didn't want to be programmed into all that as it didn't fit  in with his roman catholic beliefs.

 But that's all hypnosis is to change one so called reality into another so called reality.  They're all illusion in the end. There was this Bhakti-venod-thakur, a great saint in  India in the last century. And he said that "there are only two things in this world: Soul  and God. Nothing else. Everything is just phantasmagoria. Nothing. And all this Iraq  Iran is just illusion"


The Experiment

Now before I start I don't want anyone to do what they don't feel like doing right. Those who don't want to do it just stay awake, keep your eyes open just go along with us and enjoy the ride and be patient if you can.

Those of you who want to do it will be able to hear and link in with me, and follow me, even if you fall asleep you'll be contactable by me. Also none of you will experience anything that you don't want to experience, you have to understand that. You wont. Even if you come across something that's not very nice. You'll be able to be an observer, be detached from it as though its not really happening to you. Everyone will be able to follow my voice going in and come out.

Well do a gentle relaxation and take you down to your own private beach.... if anyone comes i or bangs the door makes a noise, you wont be affected by it, it wont bother you, infact it will send you into a deeper state of relaxation.

So well do a general relaxation, take you down onto your own private beach where the palm trees are. hope you don't mind beaches and water. and we'll get you to relax and ill do a little bit about your exams and studies encourage you with that. Then well take you through this life into past lives. Now some of you wont get anything, generally that s because you need to do it on a one to one basis or because its not the right night or I'm not the right person. But some of you will get something. many of you will think "I'm making all this up! as I know I'm sitting in Brunel university and there's that bloke at the front. I'm feeling terribly awake but I'm seeing something else. Don't worry, that's light trance, but you will still see and experience quite a lot of material.

 tape stops for induction Jayadev suggests that everyone will go to a sad time, a  happy time and to the moment of their death.


After The Experiment

[Jayadev is asking volunteers from the audience to recount their experiences.]

The first

 Subject - When you said go to a sad point I saw a cross. When you said death, I was  on the cross and could look down on myself.

 Jayadev - could you actually float out and see the whole thing going on, above  yourself?

 Subject - Yes

 Jayadev - Its an interesting thing that isn't it. If I asked you , "could you kind of do that  now, try to imagine it" it would be very hard to do that, to see yourself out of yourself  with perfect perspective. did you go to a happy time in that life?

 Subject - not really

 Jayadev - There wasn't really a happy time. many people didn't have happy times,  specially perhaps in those days. I forgot to ask, did you get a name come into your  mind?

 Subject - No

 Jayadev - Its quite unusual how the name pops into the mind. Maybe we'll do  something with you later..with your permission.. But think about that ok.....

Jayadev wanders through the audience checking to see if everyone has come out of trance

Are you ok? Are you going to be all right? You don't want to talk about it? OK. Did you have a strong experience? very strong. Well afterwards if there are any problems and you want to speak to me about it without others being here, I can do something for you to get rid of it.

The second

 Jayadev - what about yourself, you alright? good, can you talk about yours?

 Subject - Yeah, it was very strange. I'm sure I was a nun!. I couldn't figure out what it  was. I was sleeping on the floor and I know it was a grey floor and the walls were  grey. And then when you said look outside of yourself I saw a habit and things.

 Jayadev - What about a sad time

 Subject - someone died

 Jayadev - and what about a happy time?

 Subject - we were watching people dance, it might have been in a village

 Jayadev - So were you surprised that you saw yourself like that, the last person you  thought you might have been?

 Subject - no

 Jayadev - Have you got an attraction to that kind of life [laughter]

 Subject - no

 Jayadev - So weren't you surprised that you were that?

[people are pointing out others who are still in trance Jayadev wanders around making sure that everyone is back in the here and now.]


A little deeper

Subject - [sniffing]

Jayadev - don't really matter, that's ok. Go back further now.. into the womb. as I count from 10 to zero. Don't be afraid to a happy relaxed time in the womb. 10 9 and you be in that womb, 8, 7 just drifting back younger. what do you feel now?

Subject - don't feel anything at all

Jayadev - you're just in between births, floating. Just floating out.. So now just relax deeper and deeper. I'm going to out my hand onto your shoulders.

[regression continues]

Jayadev - As I click my fingers you will have the ability to go outside your body and see what it is [click] what are you? ...... can you tell?

Subject - its all black

Jayadev - you can only see black. ok.. So what does you mind tell you about the form you see in the water?

Subject - it wasn't a form

Jayadev - ok. So what you do think you were what consciousness was perceiving going into the water and coming out of it?

Subject - I don't know

Jayadev - just felt like spirit?

Subject - I don't know

Jayadev - OK, you're doing fine. What year were you born in? ....go to that that body... go to that happy time if there was one in 1964. look at your body at your hands can you see them? .... what can you see there.........

Subject - I think I can see..... four .... two or three people

Jayadev - So who are you out of these people... As i click my fingers see who you are [click].... 1964

Subject - I think ...... I'm the child on the left.... near a stream near a mountain.

Jayadev - Go to your time of death as I click my fingers. You wont be afraid

[subject has heavy breathing difficulty in breathing]

Jayadev - How do you die? Go through it.... you drowned.. As I count to three you will be wide awake and refreshed all right

[subject still gurgling]

Jayadev - you are going to loose all this pain, all this suffering, One. coming through Stephan TWO THREE [click]. let that shock go. you'll be fine. Hold your breath and say calm. that's it. You'll be better off without that inside you. OK you're back with us now.


Horrible isn't it? This University is full of horrific stories [laughter]. Its funny because we've had four people who have died really horribly. I want you to stay to the end just to make sure.

so you were a little child on the side of a mountain with your parents, or people. Was it black when you were breathing like that?

Actually its said that when you've lost your physical consciousness after drowning its supposed to be a pleasant experience. Didn't look very nice.


After thoughts

The thing is that when you do it always has to be done in a therapeutic manner. or not at all. So forget the show, although I've come to prove a point to do this or that, but if anyone has a problem than that's what I'm interested in Everyone can go home if you like, but I'm going to work with people who have the problems.

It just so happens that I can go places and never have a problem and then on a night like tonight we had 4 or five really traumatic past life experiences that needed work there and then. That's why there is a danger of stage hypnosis, sticking people to their seats etc., there's a big responsibility for this kind o work. I honestly don't think that anyone will be the worse for tonight. In fact the ones I've done privately in the stalls outside, they all have an understanding that deep down they love this body that they are spirit and soul.

In some ways I feel a bit guilty that so many people went through so much tonight, but it makes a big indelible thing on our consciousness. This life is a very special thing. It needs to be looked at an worked with very specially. This is not something I would like to do on an audience much bigger than this [180  people], just in case you get one or two cases like that who don't say anything but just walk of with the problem.

Generally what happens he would have gone through a lot of coughing and spluttering, he would, but he would have been very disturbed by it. It would have taken a week to sleep off.

I came here to demonstrate past lives, but it shouldn't be done flippantly.

Well Allison over here went to a past life where she lost a child, and she's still mourning it. So we just took her back to it and got her to explain to the child that there are two souls that are interacting in a certain dramatic way for a certain reason best known to Karma. And that she should let the spirit and the emotion go.

We just don't know what we're carrying around with us! Just like a lady who comes to my shop. Every time she sees a little dog get hurt, crying or whimpering, she just bursts into tears. And when I took her back she was a dog being mistreated. We've no idea why we see things in the certain way, and why we react. And that's due to the way of our conditioning of past lives.

Thank you all for coming.