Jayadev's Clinic

During the fascinating process of self exploration with John you will be empowered toward personal enlightenment.

You will receive first hand experience of the unlimited recesses of your mind and consciousness which is the very realm in which past lives memories and your soul connection to God as you understand God, exist ,and you will have the opportunity to----

1.Clarify personal ideals and align your lifes intent with the pathway for your souls journey to wholeness.

2.Explore information relating to you and those you have had important relationships with and how they affect the present life.

3.The process helps one to over come and release any blockages or negative patternings set up long before this birth, ridding oneself of phobias and fears.

4.Confirms our eternal blissful spiritual nature and totally refutes the mistaken ideas of one life, heaven-hell syndrome.

The purpose therefore of a regression experience is specifically to reveal what is relevant and pertinent to your current life.It focuses on further refining or developing your skills , talents and abilities to truly harmonise and galvanize everything that is now at your disposal.


John has been doing past life regressions for over 20 years. He has lectured at several prominent Universities in the UK and is regularly invited to perform group regressions. John has found regressions to be particualerly useful in overcoming phobias and fears.


John has been trainied as an herbalist.. John has over 30 years experience as an herbalist, and has been able to sucessfully treat ailments that tradional medicine could not. He also specializes in Bach flower remedies


John has developed a unique music bed therapy to speed up the healing and balancing process. Music therapy is excellent for chakra balancing.

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Phone (UK): +44 0207 2871291