Supersoul Yoga

"Yoga of the Heart"

Supersoul Yoga was introduced to the West by John Richardson in the year 2001.

John wanted to establish a potent process of self-healing relevant to the pressures and demands of the New Millennium, whilst paying appropriate homage to That which is Timeless, Sacred and Blissful within each and every living entity.

Thus, Supersoul Yoga music productions and workshops were born.

It’s birth is the mature fruit of John’s 30 years as a leading Musician/Therapist/ Composer. It’s form is simple yet dynamic, gentle yet powerful, and leads each Supersoul Yogi (you) to the abundant bliss within their heart (riches lie within the heart, not in the bank).

Supersoul Yoga accesses the Source of Love within each heart, through easy-to-do movement, measured breathing, voice, work and drum fun. Through relaxation, meditation and, above all, LISTENING. This will be done through the art of Sravanam/Kirtanam.

John’s unique vocal talents coupled with musical story telling and practical knowledge of MANTRA and it’s application are well known and acclaimed by Supersoul yogis in UK and India.

Supersoul Yoga will help you realize you are spirit first and matter second. You will realize through this process that no-one is more important to this world’s happiness than you. The lasting Bliss that is your own entitlement is also the birthright of every other living entity, so Supersoul Yoga helps one to give birth to their own Bliss and then, if one chooses to, pass it on to others who may desire it.

John’s experience with success in the 70’s as a chart topping pop star and his subsequent life as a Krishna monk have provided him with many wonderful realizations and lessons which, through Supersoul Yoga, he succinctly imparts to one and all.

Although the spiritual tradition he follows draws freely from Bhakti Yoga system, it is nonetheless, eminently, suitable for those following other religious or spiritual programs, or indeed those with no particular religious affiliation.

All John asks of his participants I a willingness to be open.